Ross Monroe
Student and Creative Technologist






Seattle, WA


Visual Design

Motion Design

Sound Design

Web Development

Event Production


Ben Chaykin



“Inspired by air travel, Jet is a journey offering top-flight talent, first-class entertainment, and peanut-free snacks (maybe sometimes). The sound of Jet is a transportive one. We fly from the club scenes of LA, to the house parties of Jersey, to the neon-soaked venues of Tokyo, and everything in between. Jet knows no boundaries in sound and experience.

Featuring a rotating crew of musical guests both local and international, we've brought together skilled pilots and innovative engineers to take you to places unknown. We pride our flights as safe and inclusive journey for every single passenger. Your good time is our good time, and we thank you for contributing to the atmosphere.”

The above text is how we describe Jet but it is so much more. Jet is a relentless branded night life experience that others in the city have yet to top. We set out to change how a night life event is marketed and bring a fresh perspective to make going to the club exciting again.


We Jet from a small basement venue, into the largest club in Seattle at a 700+ capacity room. During that process we developed the brand, worked on new marketing tactics, and gameified the night life experience with the goal to give people something new, fun, and interesting they had not seen before.

We did this by developing a very strong brand presence online and at our events along with an ecosystem of Jet products that switched up the normalcies of going to a club. We wanted to give away as much as possible and hook up strangers for being part of our experience.

Our ecosystem consisted of:


With a refined brand language, we made sure Jet translated from print, to animations, to physical space so that when our content was viewed there was no mistake what it was. Our image was developed to be approachable, cheeky, and inclusive so that people felt comfortable interacting with us online and coming to our events. 


Boarding Passes:

To entice people to come, our website allowed users to create their own boarding pass that lived on their phone and could be scanned at our events to give them free entry. We made sure to make this available to both android and iOS users so that as many people as possible could get a Jet Boarding Pass. When boarding pass holders checked in at our events they would be eligible for free upgrades called Jet Boosts.

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 6.08.17 PM.png

Jet Boosts:

Getting into a venue for free is sweet but we wanted to add to it. Jet Boosts were free upgrades for Boarding Pass holders who would be randomly selected before the event. When they arrived and signed in, the randomly selected individuals would get a Jet Boost that could be redeemed for $1 drinks, merch, and even a VIP table.

We also included these in a marketing campaign we pushed outside of the club called Airdrop. A hacked vending machine that we wheeled around to different events.



To bring our free upgrades to non loyalty members outside of the club, we hacked a vending machine that would dispense Jet Boosts after users signed up for our mailing list online and gave them an incentive to come to our events. The Jet Boosts were mostly the same style as what Boarding Pass holders could receive from attending our events, but we included cards that had guest list for groups so they could invite friends to come with them.



Over almost 3 years of running Jet, we threw over 80 events along with booking over 60 Artists with an estimated 8,000 attendees. This project was an incredible experience to see how to develop a brand from the ground up, work with stakehodlers to drive business, and hear from others in the music scene about how there has never been such a well branded and exciting night like Jet. It’s been a fun project to develop and hopefully it returns one day.

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